Storm Haven Spooky Season- A Tribute to our Team

Happy Spooky Season from Storm Haven

In the mystical realm of Storm Haven, under the bewitching moon’s glare, Lived an enigmatic witch leader, Jen, her powers a celestial grace. She guided her team of healers with a gleam of otherworldly delight, Through the tales of spooky beings, and the extraordinary within sight.

First, Jay, warm and insightful, a knowledgeable guide through it all, A wise powerful witch, weaving spells to ease minds for us all. With the touch of her magic, she’d unravel life’s mazes, Guiding clients through the darkness, like the moon’s ever-changing phases.

Chris, the unyielding vampire, spoke with candor and a heart of truth, Crafting stories of healing, offering wisdom with a truth. With a dash of zen and a heart pure and true, He whispered words of comfort, like a ghost’s faint “boo.”

Jessica, warm and caring, a fighter unyielding in her stride, Like a relentless lycanthrope, she’d stand with you by your side. With a courageous heart and a compassionate trace, She’d bring light to your shadows, in this spooky place.

Dylan, a metaphysical sorcerer, like a mystical magician, He’d read the stars and the planets with cosmic precision. His insights were like enchantments, unlocking secret doors, Revealing paths to self-discovery, like ancient magical lores.

And don’t forget Briè, the Wellness Maestro, like a mindful oracle, Balancing records, accounts, and payroll, with a meticulous insight. With a heart so caring and attention to detail, She brought order to chaos, like a financial spell.

In the heart of California, they worked, both near and far, In-person and online, they’d heal, no matter where you are. Their skills as therapists were a blend of art and science, Balancing hearts and minds, in a wondrous alliance.

With a sprinkle of magic and a dash of admiration, They weaved tales of hope and healing, like a grand incantation. In the mystical world of Storm Haven, they cast their gentle spells, Guiding souls through the night, where mysteries and magic dwells.

So let’s celebrate these healers, like characters in a tale, In Storm Haven, they shine brightly, without ever fail. With gratitude and admiration, their story we’ll explore, For they balance light and darkness, and in their care, we forever soar.

Published by Storm Haven, Counseling & Wellness

Jen Hyatt (she/her) is a multi-state licensed integrative psychotherapist and group practice entrepreneur in the healing arts practice. Storm Haven, Counseling & Wellness offers in person and online therapy and counseling in California and Ohio towards the intentional life and optimized wellness.

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