Storm Haven Spooky Season- A Tribute to our Team

In the mystical realm of Storm Haven, under the bewitching moon’s glare, Lived an enigmatic witch leader, Jen, her powers a celestial grace. She guided her team of healers with a gleam of otherworldly delight, Through the tales of spooky beings, and the extraordinary within sight. First, Jay, warm and insightful, a knowledgeable guide throughContinue reading “Storm Haven Spooky Season- A Tribute to our Team”

Seek Refuge and Support from the Storms of Life

I was standing outside with my feet planted into the ground to look up and see the beauty of the night. Instantaneously I felt a sense of calm, balance, and appreciation for life and the beauty of nature. Looking back on this photo, I am transported back to this feeling and reminded of Storm Haven’sContinue reading “Seek Refuge and Support from the Storms of Life”

Is Online Therapy Right for You?

Jennifer Hyatt (DBA Storm Haven, Counseling and Wellness) has offered virtual (online) Telehealth therapy sessions since 2017.  Telehealth therapy sessions, such as virtual or online therapy, has become an increasingly popular choice for many clients. All sessions are offered on a secure and confidential platform.   While this page serves as a general overview ofContinue reading “Is Online Therapy Right for You?”