Storm Haven

Therapy for the Here and Now

Seek Refuge and Support from the Storms of Life

We are a Team of Down to Earth and Authentic Human Beings who Love What We Do and Do it With a Passion!

individuals, couples, and families

Teens (ages 14+) and Adults

We are Not Your Typical Therapists

We Cannot Always Control the Waves but We Can Learn to Surf the Storms of Life Together

Supporting Fellow Humans is What We Do Best!

Equipping and Empowering Others towards optimal living is at the core of everything we do

Mental Health & Wellness is kind of our jam : )

The Catalyst of Healing, Growth, and Change is Possible Through the Alchemy of a Transformational Relationship Found within Therapy.

A Safe Space Where You Can Feel Heard, Understood, and Valued as a Whole Person

Individually we are a Drop but together we are an ocean

— Ryunosuke Satire

Suffering is Often Our Pain Times Our Resistance (S=PXR). It can be helpful to have a trusted therapist to come alongside you and help you get untangled from stuck points that are inevitable in life and where suffering may occur.

Balance of HOLISTIC care and evidence-based practices

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate

— carl jung

Whether You Find Yourself in the Depths of Despair, Spiraling Within Anxiety, or are Seeking How to Unlock Your Whole Self to Live a Full, Intentional, and MeaningFULL Life–We Got You! All YOU Have to Do is Decide to Begin!

We Do Real

If you are always trying to be NORMAL, you will never know how AMAZING you can be

—Maya Angelou

Be YourSelf: Learn to Let People See The Real, Imperfect, Quirky, Weird, and Magical Person That You Are! We All Hold the Capacity to be Brave, Beautiful, and Strong!

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