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Jen Hyatt

We’re all Stories in the End. Just Make it a Good One, Eh?

— The Doctor

Jennifer (Jen) Hyatt

Group Practice Entrepreneur

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #99355

First Degree Reiki Trained

Jen Hyatt (She/Her) believes that everyone’s story matters. She thrives in being able to live out her passion of supporting others every day. Through a down to earth and open-minded approach, Jen partners with her clients to offer a therapeutic healing space that promotes empowerment and positive self-growth. Jen works best with those who are ready for and motivated towards a pivotal change; wherever that may lead us on our unique life journey.

When Jen is not working with her clients, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to podcasts, practicing mindful living, traveling far and wide, reading, savoring her coffee ice cream 🍨 and chai (or matcha) tea latte 🧋, and sitting in cafes catching up with her closest friends.

Fun Fact: Jen has lived on three continents and visited (or lived in) 42 of the 50 states. Did we mention that Jen loves to travel?!

Jen is eager to meet you and is excited to share in your journey!

Jen works with private pay / self-pay clients and client who wish to use their insurance. Jen takes Cigna/ Evernorth, United Healthcare, Optum, Anthem Blue Cross, Oxford, Oscar, and Aetna.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them

— Maya Angelou

Jayzme Perry

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #118489

Jayzme (Jay-zeem) (She/ Her) has a passion for mental healthcare and is excited to be a part of the Storm Haven, Counseling & Wellness Team. Jayzme (Jay) believes that her role as a therapist is to partner with her clients in a way that allows them to discover their strengths and build upon them. Jay understands that life can be very difficult and she is ready to help clients develop the skills to handle life’s twists and turns.

In Jay’s free time, she loves to spend time with her family and close friends. Jay enjoys a nice and sunny day at the beach or any day where she is enjoying some kind of delicious food 🍪 and an iced coffee 🧋

Fun Fact: Jay loves dancing so if you catch her dancing, do not be surprised!

Jayzme works with private pay / self-pay clients and client who wish to use their insurance. Jay takes Cigna/ Evernorth, Aetna, United Healthcare, Oscar, Oxford, and Anthem Blue Cross.

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of others, but those who battle unseen demons in silence

— unknown

Christopher Figueroa

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #139125

Supervised by Jennifer Hyatt, LMFT

Christopher Figueroa (He/Him) is a psychotherapist, EMDR trauma specialist, an Army Veteran, Husband and Father who understands the complexities within the pursuit of mental health and well-being.

Christopher (Chris) is no stranger to overcoming the obstacles found within difficult experiences and hones these powerful lessons learned by traveling the road ahead and brings this into session to support clients who face similar circumstances such as past trauma, relationship issues, and career and parenting challenges.

Christopher joins with his clients to explore how these experiences impact the present and helps you develop realistic and practical ways to move forward. You can expect to dive in, unpack the things holding you back, discover your inner strengths, and move towards the life you wish.

Therapy certainly is not “boring” with Christopher. He strives to bring a warm and healthy humor to sessions alongside creativity and active engagement. His goal is to help you feel better about yourself, your career, and your relationships all to find your path within individual success.

So if you are ready to activate optimal life potential, purpose, and healing (or just being able to like and accept yourself again), Christopher is ready to welcome you 😊

Chris works with private pay / self-pay clients and client who wish to use their insurance. Chris takes Cigna/ Evernorth, Aetna, and Anthem Blue Cross.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery with me, and together, we will unlock the doors to a life filled with purpose, authenticity, and genuine connections

— Jessica, therapist and guide to empowerment

Jessica Norie Soon Prado

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #114906

Step into a world of warmth and understanding with Jessica, where her therapeutic approach is centered on the power of meaningful connections and nurturing emotional needs. With Jessica by your side, challenges transform into opportunities for personal growth, passion, and finding purpose both within yourself and in your relationships.

Jessica’s (She/Her) experience serving a diverse clientele in various settings has given her the insight to be your compassionate guide on this journey of self-discovery. In her care, you will find a safe haven, a place where you are truly welcomed, and where the foundation of a strong therapeutic bond will be built.

Embrace the opportunity to live authentically and empowered, with Jessica’s support and belief in your potential. Together, you will uncover the path to your best self, creating a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and harmonious connections. Take the first step towards a radiant future and partner with Jessica for a transformational experience in therapy.

Jessica works with private pay / self-pay clients and client who wish to use their insurance. Jessica takes Cigna/ Evernorth, Aetna, United Healthcare, Oscar, Oxford, and Anthem Blue Cross.

Your Ability to Generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax

— David Allen

Dylan Perese

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #134907

Dylan Perese (He/Him) is a Spiritual Psychotherapist who believes in the transformative power of slowing down. In today’s fast-paced world, he finds stillness to be both a refuge and a tool for navigating life and coping with uncertainty.

For Dylan, therapy is about learning to use one’s own self as a source of truth. This means finding the answers we were previously looking for outside of ourselves within our own intuition. Dylan believes that we are all capable of far more than we realize. Sometimes, we just need a gentle reminder of our innate potential and full capacity.

Dylan works with private pay and insurance clients. He accepts Cigna/Evernorth, Aetna, and Anthem Blue Cross.

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