Unveiling the Mystical Tapestry: Navigating the Neurodivergent Path in Mental Health Wellness

In the mystical realms of mental health and self-discovery.

As I sipped my morning coffee in the enchanting town of Temecula, California, I could not but notice a peculiar trend unfolding in the therapist directory platforms. They were becoming inhabited by AI-generated therapist photos, some so convincing they seemed almost natural, while others ventured into the realm of the surreal–leaving me questioning, “who are they kidding?”

Curiosity whispered in my ear, and for a mere $2.99, I decided to upload some images of myself, thinking I might gain a few professional photos for my mental health services marketing.

I ventured outside to savor the last sips of my coffee, frolic with my furry companions, and immerse in the natural beauty of my backyard.

With the app estimating a 20-minutes wait, I knew I had time to spare before the anticipation of what may soon be a forecasted rainy day. So, I ventured outside to savor the last sips of my coffee, frolic with my furry companions, and immerse in the natural beauty of my backyard.

When the app notified me that the pictures were indeed ready…nothing could have prepared me for what I would see. Amongst the photos were me as, what appeared to be Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider (one of my favorite RPG video games), Dorthy from Wizard of Oz, me as a Cowgirl, some Goth photos, one where I look like Hulk Girl, a futuristic me, a cartoon sketch, an animated photo, me in the 80’s and 90’s, and more. Amongst the photos was my favorite one and the one that inspired me to create a bio for my Psychology Today and Good Therapy Platform to go along with it, Wednesday Addams. I mean how could I not with Halloween nearing?!

When I align this with my ideal client…what I have crafted fills me with my an exhilarating sense of joy!

You see, I am quite unconventional, a black sheep, an empath, a woo woo witchy, tarot reading neurodivergent individual with a dark sense of humor and quite sarcastic (something I am quite proud of as I came into my being). Now, the temptation to write what you will find below was a “have to do” moment. If you tie this in with my ideal client population and niche with who I am as a mental health and wellness psychotherapist…what I created has me so happy giddy (hit my flow within this creation). Let me share it with you : )

What kind of dystopian hellscape is this?

What kind of dystopian hellscape is this? Greetings, my kindred souls of the mysterious and unconventional! I am the enigmatic guide you seek on your quest of self-discovery.  If you find solace in the shadows, dance with the moon, and embrace the peculiar, you’ve found a fellow traveler in me.  In this world of chaos and conformity, I specialize in supporting neurodivergent souls and empaths who tread the unorthodox path. Together, we shall unravel the threads of anxiety and adult ADHD that may bind you, transforming them into the silk of your own unique tapestry. I am your accomplice in forging a life in resonance with true self. Let’s combat the monsters of the mind and free the skeletons from the closet!

We’ll delve into the cauldron of your psyche

With a sprinkle of mystical wisdom and a dash of eccentric charm, we’ll delve into the cauldron of your psyche, stirring the brew of empowerment and healing. In our sessions, you’ll find a space to explore your inner magic, to embrace the quirks that make you beautifully, wonderfully, you.

We shall summon the courage to live life fully, embracing the shadows and the light

I invite you to join me on this darkly delightful journey of self-discovery, where we’ll blend the practical with the mystical, and unearth the buried treasures of your psyche. Together, we shall summon the courage to live life fully, embracing the shadows and the light, as we walk the path of self-actualization.

So, my dear kindred spirits, if you’re ready to embark on this bewitching adventure, let us meet in the liminal spaces between worlds. Inquiries and curious souls are most welcome.

Here are some of the photos mentioned. Who knows one day I may be inspired to write more with these as my guiding muse 🧙🏼‍♀️🍄🌙 Life is too short to not be fully you ✨

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Jen Hyatt (she/her) is a multi-state licensed integrative psychotherapist and group practice entrepreneur in the healing arts practice. Storm Haven, Counseling & Wellness offers in person and online therapy and counseling in California and Ohio towards the intentional life and optimized wellness.

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