Kick Ass Clinical Supervision

Supervision for Rock Star Healing Arts Psychotherapists

Jen is our fearless leader. She is a think outside the box, authentic, and down to earth human. Jen does real and this shows up fully within supervision.

Jen has walked in both the non-profit and private practice worlds.  This lends well to providing well-rounded clinical supervision for California Associates or ongoing consultation for Licensed Professionals.

Supervision with Jen is a growth enhancing experience filled with collaboration and insight to make you the most compassionate and effective therapist possible.  

From deeply relational discussions within a variety of theoretical orientations to looking through the lens of both diagnosing and non-pathologizing towards highlighting the whole person approach, you will continuously grow within the self of the therapist and discover great depths along the journey. 

Jen loves being a supervisor because she loves walking alongside supervisees on their path to licensure and beyond. 

Jen stays informed in all things related to mental health field so that she may pass this along to you.  

Jen is a lifelong learner. While she will teach and support you, she will also learn a lot from you.  This field is one in which we are all learning from each other every single day.  When we learn to teach we are able to master the craft of being a psychotherapist. 

What Jen hopes for you is to NOT become a carbon copy of her but to build upon your innate skills and unique strengths to become fully you—therapist as a human and human as a therapist—because this is how clients will be drawn to you and how you will help the clients who come into your life! 

If you resonate with what is written here, Jen would absolutely love to connect with you 🙂